opinion essay范文-Sharing Wealth

【导读】:opinion essay范文,富裕国家应该要求分享其财富与贫穷国家试想一下,许多中国人在经济欠发达的省份都生活在贫穷,而我们的政府与非洲那些穷国分享数十亿资金的情景。

Wealthy nations should be required to share its wealth with poor nations Just imagine the scene that many Chinese in the undeveloped provinces are living in poor while our government are sharing billions of money with those poor nation in Africa. People are confused about the necessity that wealthy nations share its wealth with poor nations. In fact, sometimes it is necessary for the wealthy nations to share its money, which is related about several deep factors such as economy, international relationship and the peace of whole world.

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When a wealthy nation share its money with poor nations, part of its real purpose is still to promote its own economy level by achieving the qualification to deal with these poor countries. By way of illustration it is known that China shares a great deal of its wealthy with African countries, and most of African countries are still undeveloped, which is the reason their rare resource is also undeveloped. After showing the friendly attitude toward those country, China could get the qualification to exploit the rare resources such as oil, metal and rare earth that plays a important role in China’s industrial production. With those resources, the level of industrialization and economy of China increases rapidly, which makes China acquire more wealth than those it shared. Then, a wealthier China will start new assists to poor countries and become stronger and stronger. What should be stressed is this model, depending on exploiting the non-renewable resources, to develop economy is not a good sustainable development measure; nevertheless, it is difficult to find a better method for most developing countries, and it is also helpful to slove their own problems.

opinion essay范文-Sharing Wealth

opinion essay范文-Sharing Wealth

On the other hand, wealthy countries share their own wealth with poor countries in order to use assistance to exchange the opening of new market. The clothes, shoes, electronic devices made in poor countries do not have the same high quality as those made in the wealthy countries, which makes the poor countries become great markets. Since a large number of wealth countries are eager to make deal with poor countries, the country that shares it own wealth at no cost will be chosen as the seller. This is one factor that wealthy nations should be required to share its wealth with poor nations.

Another factor making wealthy nation shares its wealth with poor nations is concerned about the international relationship and international status. Sharing wealthy with other countries especially poor countries can always be considered as a strategy. United Nations General Assembly, one of most famous international meetings, always makes several vital discussions and decisions which is determined by voting of each member state of United Nations. If one nation has good relationships with a number of countries, it will be easy for the nation to win the supports of those countries. When wealthy nation helps poor countries to slove their problems with money, the relationship between the two countries can be improved greatly. With the help of favorable decisions, the international status wealthy nation will be improved naturally.


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